Flashover Training

Every year a number of firefighters die or are severely burned when caught in the rapidly deteriorating fire conditions of Flashover. In many cases the firefighter did not recognize the warning signs, or did not understand, and underestimated the environment and its danger. This class gives flashover training from Customized Firefighter Training through both classroom and time in the Flashover Training Simulator with a demonstration in a controlled environment. It is extremely important that firefighters not only appreciate the limits of their protective gear but to experience and learn to recognize the condition leading up to Flashover. How it happens, how to recognize the rapidly developing fire, dense smoke, high heat, and rollover (the warning signs of flashover) which are all present in this unit, no propane just real fire and heat. In this unit you will learn the warning signs first hand and truly learn the power of flashover. How to use defensive techniques, possibly delay or prevent it. Who would send a Firefighter to face a situation in the real world that he has not seen in training? This class is a must in a firefighters training for safety and survival. This unit conforms to NFPA 1001 Firefighter training (FULL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING SCBA WITH SPARE BOTTLE REQUIRED) good air pack skills a must. INSTRUCTORS: Roger Carr Waterloo, Jim Carpenter, and Phil Goode.